My SBSK Interview

This isn’t a poem, but I did recite one of them in this video. Also I am very grateful to have gotten the opportunity to get an interview on SBSK. Chris Ulmer is a really cool guy


Humility for Disability

We are not all born the same

How boring the world would be

Being different is the best thing

Makes us a lot more free.

There are some that are very different

Disabilities here and there

They are still human beings

Treat them equally and fair.

Everyone is affected differently

Can be mild to severe

Still don’t hesitate to say hi

No need to live in fear.

Don’t refuse to get to know someone

We shouldn’t have set view

Regardless of their diagnosis

They’re still just like you.

We should have the hearts

To come together like sister and brother

Our feelings are all the same

Love and support each other.

Decree of Difference

Being different is one of the best things

Who cares about trying to fit in?

Still we’re judged way more than that

Not just by the color of our skin

Some expect you to like certain stuff

Like a show, song or movie

If you’re always doing what asked

You’ll never really be free

Ask yourself a question

Do you actually enjoy what you’re trying?

Even though its fun to go with someone

If you say yes, you could be lying

Have they ever done something you like?

Sometimes you say no or don’t really know

Being different is not a bad thing

It’s what makes the world really flow

You shouldn’t have to like certain stuff

Because people say you’re supposed to

Enjoy whatever makes you happy

Just keep on trying to be you

You’ll sometimes endure snide remarks
Can make your heart sometimes sink
Still just be yourself
Don’t worry about what others think

The world would be so boring

If everyone was the same

Keep on embracing the differences

They shouldn’t deserve any blame


Fantastic Forces of Nature

This planet we live on is full of energy

Some are safe or can cause danger

Five energies flow through this sphere

We call them the forces of nature

Water covers most of the planet

It’s a fundamental purpose in life

Living things really require it

When it fights it gets strife

Fire is an explosive element

Not to play with it you should learn

It’s very wild and indomitable

Use it right or you will burn

Earth is the second strongest

Ranging from plants minerals and rocks

Capable of more destruction

It can really take down a whole block

Air is the calmest of all elements

Very loyal like an eagle

As light and free as it is

When it battle it can be very lethal

Lightning is the strongest of all

Can give something very strong essence

Quite a shock it can really give

We like to call it Quintessence

These 5 forces are extraordinary

They can give you quite a whirl

Be careful how you use them

There needs to be balance in the world.

Liberty, Life, Love

Liberty is an important thing

Even though it doesn’t come with ease

It symbolizes our freedom in the world

To do and act as we please

Be careful how you use it

It could sometimes get you in trouble

There are standards and rules to follow

You could get trapped in a bubble

But life is really full of risks

Sometimes they are meant to be taken

Some may do through courage and spirit

Have fun but don’t get broken

Try to enjoy it as much as you can

Live your life to the fullest degree

There may be death coming to everyone

But do not yet worry about what will be

There are many people in the world

They come in many shapes and sizes

Some separate because of differences

Like color of skin and other surprises

Sure we’re all pretty different

Not many are on the same measure

Each of us does have feelings

Look at them in love and work together

We all need to come together

Work hard and run the race

To help each other out a lot

To make the world a better place

Some things are never easy

They can be quite a shove

Still remember these 3 great words

They are liberty, life and love.