My SBSK Interview

This isn’t a poem, but I did recite one of them in this video. Also I am very grateful to have gotten the opportunity to get an interview on SBSK. Chris Ulmer is a really cool guy


Humility for Disability

We are not all born the same

How boring the world would be

Being different is the best thing

Makes us a lot more free.

There are some that are very different

Disabilities here and there

They are still human beings

Treat them equally and fair.

Everyone is affected differently

Can be mild to severe

Still don’t hesitate to say hi

No need to live in fear.

Don’t refuse to get to know someone

We shouldn’t have set view

Regardless of their diagnosis

They’re still just like you.

We should have the hearts

To come together like sister and brother

Our feelings are all the same

Love and support each other.

No End with your Best Friend

They are your loyal companion

The bond is at perfection

When you met can vary

There still was a connection

There will be times when you’re down

Anger or tears glisten

They’ll be there for you to talk to

Being there to listen

Really special they are

Something you shouldn’t deny

Keep them really close

Friendship money can’t buy

Never take them for granted

You never know when comes to an end

Always cherish your time together

Stay close to your best friend


The Forever Bond Between Human and Dog

You and your dog have a relationship so strong

That is why it has lasted very long

Like the water that fills up the ocean

You and it share your emotion

All the stuff you have been through together

You went right through them, even in harsh weather

When there is real danger and there’s nowhere to run

You stay together and your hearts come together as one

In the days of school or work, you have to leave it behind

You will be back, that you have to remind

As your day is over, it was quite a while

Your dog is at the door, with a heartwarming smile

It comes at you with its tail wagging

And it hand licks you without even snapping

If you had a bad day, one that really hurt

It will always come to you, to bring comfort

You’ll be buddies until the end

That’s why dogs are man’s best friend

The years roll by and the bond is still like gold

Whether sickness or a vehicle strikes it or not, the dog will still get old

Even if a disease they get is something you can’t get rid of

Still be there for them, showering them with love

As it grows weak, it will continue to lie

Stay there with them until the time comes for them to die

The time they come back to life will always be never

But their spirit, your love for them, and bond will always last FOREVER.


Leader’s Club Forever

This is for my time in the Leaders Club at the YMCA

Leaders club has been the best

One of the best memories I have by the way

Somewhere I couldn’t wait to go

After school to the YMCA

The meetings were quite the catch

So much to do and to learn

We plan events and our weekends

At the end we say meeting adjourned

I learned about it through one great friend

That was my swim coach who was Britta

There’s also one person who taught me so much

It was the director and her name was Lisa

During weekends we woke up early

That was definitely not a shocker

We head to Y or to the fields

To referee basketball or soccer

We also had our physical meetings

Doing push-ups, sit-ups and shuttle run

Blue Ridge is what we prepared for

There was really a lot to be done

During one winter I got frostbite

Couple months in a wheelchair I spent

I wasn’t going to let that stop me

Meetings and weekends I was still present

Support I had from my fellow leaders

You all are really important to me

Outside I had work and school

But at the club I never felt so free

As the last year came, it was time

To get involved and really show

To work out at the Y to toughen up

Blue Ridge I really wanted to go

That mountain was really the bomb

Meeting new people and making friends

It was the best thing that I ever went to

So sad when it had to end

I hope to go back sometime

I still keep the picture on behalf

May be unlikely that it will happen

But memories I will still have

You all rock, you are the best

I love you like brothers and sisters

We may have our own lives ahead of us

But Leader’s Club we’ll have forever



Forever Friendship

(This poem sums up my friendships with everybody starting from as kids in elementary school to where we are now)


The day we met is where I should start

In the snow sunshine or rain

Time has flown by really fast

Let’s takes a stroll down memory lane

It was the beginning of the fall season

In elementary, middle or high school

The level it all began almost doesn’t matter

Getting to know you was pretty cool

Great times we had were quite the catch

They were actually quite a run

On the playground, field or near the track

Those were some fun in the sun

There were few friends that moved away

It was really kind of sad

Staying down wasn’t really an option

But to be happy with the friends I still had

In high school, it was a challenge

Obstacles did mostly occur

We started growing up and being unique

That’s when things started to get tougher

We sometimes argued and had our differences

Which was really quite a pain

I wasn’t going to have it go on

Our friendship I would not let have a strain

Sure we all have different interests

Even taste in music would count

That doesn’t mean we can’t hang together

How we feel is what it’s all about

Having some things in common

Makes a group really social

Respecting each other’s differences

Really makes a friendship special

I know there were times I didn’t act like a friend

A pain right under your skin

Maybe because it was fear of being left out

And desperation of wanting to fit in

I really couldn’t stay like that

It just really wasn’t great

You’re supposed to build a pillar of friendship

Not a pile of hate

There were some I didn’t get along with or pushed away

Because of jealousy and anger for the most part

I called, messaged and made amends

Which really came from the heart

I learned some lessons along the way

A few stung quite like acid

You never know when you could lose them

Means never ever take your friends for granted

Even when it’s been like forever

It may not be too late to mend

There’s still some time to make things right

To change one from an enemy to a friend

Great times we had in high school

Like games and dances with everyone

There were our good days and our bad days

Sometimes learning we tried to shun

As we left high school, that was it

We all miss those days very much

That didn’t mean we couldn’t still hang

We all promised to stay in touch

Most of us gone to separate colleges

Going to same one not a likely deal

Phone and internet we can still talk through

Even though it’s not the same as for real

During the holidays or the summer

When I’m ready, fun and free

I make some time to go catch up

With the people I barely see

Sure we’re all gonna move away

Leading a separate life

That doesn’t mean it’s the end

Our bond will still survive

I couldn’t have asked for better friends

Forget about you I will never

All these years I’ll never throw away

Our friendship will last forever