Proactivity for Inclusivity

Everyone in this world is different

React differently to smell, taste and sound

We are all unique

It’s what makes the world go round

Still some are very particular

Of who they invite into their group

When someone messes up first time

They really get thrown for a loop

First impressions can be hard

There’s more to than meets the eye

Nobody is perfect at them

And yet neither am I

Even if they’re loud or excited

It’s not like they committed a crime

They wanna make friends and have fun

Still give it some time

We don’t want to wear a mask

Even if others expect us to satisfy

It’s hard to be yourself

When expectations are really high

Try to work with them

Regardless of what others complain or say

Offer a helping hand

It can really go a long way

Never judge someone on the outside

Still give them the opportunity

They still might need a friend

We’re building an inclusive community

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