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Curled in an Upside Down World


(A poem I wrote to describe our world as we go through this COVID-19 crisis)

Things were going smoothly

Just as it’s always been

Still there’s a surprise around every corner

Out of nowhere struck COVID-19

Things closed down fast

Stores, churches, school

Even events we were looking forward to

Totally wasn’t cool

Social distancing is a drag

Something most of us can’t deal

Even if we can talk over the internet

It’s not the same as for real

Graduating seniors didn’t get their moment

The walk they didn’t get to go through

Weddings even got canceled

Couples didn’t get to say “I do”

It’s not just the virus that’s bugging

Riots have rose here and there

Disaster keeps spreading fast

Shows the world really is unfair

We even started wearing masks

It’s affecting our everyday life

Most of us aren’t to happy about it

Really causing a strife

All this change is hard to deal with

Some have it harder more than others

Still we try to keep living

Even if we can use some wonders

Even as we rebuild this country

Status is still not totally well

Will things ever be the same?

Only time will tell

Action for Flames of Passion

It’s great to take a stand

To make effort and take action

Show them what you think

I call it the flames of passion

You try to get people to listen

To see your point of view

Sometimes they don’t listen

Even make a mockery of you

That doesn’t mean you stop trying

Don’t give up without a fight

Never really back down

When you know that you are right

You may be just getting started

Show some spirited disposition

Don’t let the flames be put out

Keep them burning with ambition

Proactivity for Inclusivity

Everyone in this world is different

React differently to smell, taste and sound

We are all unique

It’s what makes the world go round

Still some are very particular

Of who they invite into their group

When someone messes up first time

They really get thrown for a loop

First impressions can be hard

There’s more to than meets the eye

Nobody is perfect at them

And yet neither am I

Even if they’re loud or excited

It’s not like they committed a crime

They wanna make friends and have fun

Still give it some time

We don’t want to wear a mask

Even if others expect us to satisfy

It’s hard to be yourself

When expectations are really high

Try to work with them

Regardless of what others complain or say

Offer a helping hand

It can really go a long way

Never judge someone on the outside

Still give them the opportunity

They still might need a friend

We’re building an inclusive community

Waver to Douse the Flame of Anger

It’s one of the strongest feelings

Comes for one reason or another

Can be hard to deal with alone

It’s called the flame of anger

Feels like your temperature is rising

Blood flowing in a fast way

Still you don’t like the feeling

Don’t let it be there to stay

It’s not as easy as you think

No one heals all the same

Even with water and meditation

You still can feel the flame

The fight is still not over

The heat staying is not the goal

You know it’s not really you

Don’t let it take over your soul

Feel lucky to have friends that listen

Have fun with them, go to the pool

As long as they stick with you

Your heart can really keep cool

Address of the Wall of Unforgiveness

Even though you mean well

There are some who don’t think you do

They interpret the wrong way

Even scold and yell at you

You’re trying to be friendly and have fun

Interacting with people you want to get to now

Still you’re stopped in your tracks

Being told to just go

Bitter emotions rile up

Anger, resentment, and hate

Sometimes you wanna make the person pay

Make them not feel great

It can be hard to trust anyone

What happened you don’t wanna talk about

Even when you don’t mean to

Can still lead to lashing out

You try hard to have fun

So you can get a break

Still the bitter feelings don’t go away

New relationships are difficult to make

You even try to meditate

Try to find what’s good on a bookshelf

It can also be hard to look in the mirror

Even on most days you hate yourself

It’s hard to forget what happened

Really doesn’t make you feel well

Will the wall ever break down?

Time will definitely tell

Ache of Hard Mistake

Sometimes you go through life

As if you don’t get a break

You try as hard as you can

And still you make a mistake

Criticism comes your way

Scolds of a varying degree

Even if you try to explain yourself

Free from the ache you may never be

Sometimes it feels like the world is against you

Disappointed eyes here and there

Feels like it’ll always be held against you

Some say it’s tough but fair

Still keep trying to get back up

Show them you’re not done

Nobody in this world is perfect

Mistakes happen to everyone