Commotion to Enhanced Emotion

It just seems like a good day

Just to hope it will go long

Then you’re called to something

Means something could be wrong

Whatever it is caused a stir

Might even have caused a scare

Even if you explain yourself

Some just don’t care

Will anyone ever listen?

Wish it was all a dream

Really gotta find somewhere

To blow off a lot of steam

Could go for a run in the park

Meditation to find some sense

Trying a workout at the gym

Make the activity really intense

I know I’m a good guy

Never tried to commit a crime

Hope to find some peace

Heal with the passing of time

Much to Say on my Birthday

Today is a special day

I made it another year

Ready to take on the next one

Going to face it without fear

Still I try so hard

Take it day by day

I’m just trying to be me

Obstacles still come my way

I say whats on my mind

Let everyone know how I feel

Even if it seems really blunt

Just know my heart is real

Excitement fills me up

So ready to achieve

Yes I can be annoying

Not the death sentence I was lead to believe

It doesn’t make me less human

I know I’m not perfect

In fact there is no one who is

Last time I checked

You love me just as I am

With energy to no end

Don’t want to hold myself back

Can still be a good friend

I’m not afraid to be myself

The real authentic side of me

I’m proud to be on the spectrum

Like an eagle, I fly free

Curled in an Upside Down World


(A poem I wrote to describe our world as we go through this COVID-19 crisis)

Things were going smoothly

Just as it’s always been

Still there’s a surprise around every corner

Out of nowhere struck COVID-19

Things closed down fast

Stores, churches, school

Even events we were looking forward to

Totally wasn’t cool

Social distancing is a drag

Something most of us can’t deal

Even if we can talk over the internet

It’s not the same as for real

Graduating seniors didn’t get their moment

The walk they didn’t get to go through

Weddings even got canceled

Couples didn’t get to say “I do”

It’s not just the virus that’s bugging

Riots have rose here and there

Disaster keeps spreading fast

Shows the world really is unfair

We even started wearing masks

It’s affecting our everyday life

Most of us aren’t to happy about it

Really causing a strife

All this change is hard to deal with

Some have it harder more than others

Still we try to keep living

Even if we can use some wonders

Even as we rebuild this country

Status is still not totally well

Will things ever be the same?

Only time will tell